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Female Students

As part of representation, and through training from the CUSU women’s officer, the WCSA Equality & Diversity officer provides support for self-identifying women at Wolfson. Additional responsibilities include campaigning on behalf of students and organising events throughout the year.


WCSA Equality & Diversity Officer

Student representation falls under the role of the WCSA Equality & Diversity officer. For any concerns, questions or support you can contact me, Lily Lewis, at: wcsa-equality-diversity@wolfson.cam.ac.uk.

Wolfson Feminist Society

Wolfson has an active feminist society which aims to build/strengthen the community of women/non-binary people at Wolfson and encourage feminist discussion and ideas in college. See the facebook page for further information and updates https://www.facebook.com/groups/385816151807839/.


CUSU Women’s Campaign

For welfare, support, information and events see: http://www.womens.cusu.cam.ac.uk/ or contact the CUSU women officer at .


FLY is the network for women of colour at Cambridge University. More information, including events organised throughout the year, can be found at: https://flygirlsofcambridge.com/a-propos/ or https://www.facebook.com/groups/359049374186552/?fref=nf.

The FLY handbook: https://flygirlsofcambridge.com/2015/09/11/the-fly-guide-to-cambridge/.