Wolfson College Students’ Association Constitution

1.    Objectives

The Wolfson College Students’ Association (WCSA) shall be responsible for the provision of social, sporting and recreational activities for students of the College. WCSA shall also provide representation on bodies and Committees within the College (specifically Governing Body, College Council and subsidiary Committees of College Council) and in the wider University.

2.    Membership

Membership shall be open to all students of the College. Student Members may stand for Committee posts and may vote in WCSA elections.

All Governing Body fellows are Associate Members of WCSA which confers all the rights of membership but for the rights to vote or stand in elections to WCSA Committee.

Associate membership is also open to: other members of College, co-habiting partners of members of College, and other individuals at the discretion of the Senior Treasurer.

3.    Fees

Student Members of WCSA shall pay an annual fee in advance, collected by the College on behalf of WCSA. The level of this fee shall be set by WCSA with the agreement of College Council and reviewed no less than once every three (3) years.

Associate Members may join WCSA for the same annual fee charged to Student Members; notwithstanding, Governing Body fellows are exempt from the Associate Membership fee.

4.    Resignation

Any Member may resign their membership to WCSA during the Resignation Period.

The Resignation Period shall normally commence at the start of Michaelmas Term and end by the respective Division of Term, inclusive. Resignations submitted during this term shall be refunded in full. Resignations must be renewed annually. Resignations shall not be permitted outside of the Resignation Period.

Notwithstanding, for students who join College after the start of Michaelmas Term, their respective Resignation Period shall extend for twenty-eight (28) days from the date they join the College, inclusive.

Members who have resigned may not vote in WCSA elections nor may they stand for election to WCSA Committee. Moreover, members who have resigned may not serve as executive officers of WCSA-affiliated sports clubs and societies. Members who have resigned who wish to attend WCSA events must pay any associated fees at the non-member rate.

5.    Officers of WCSA

The WCSA Committee shall consist of an Executive, whose members are also members of College Council ex officio, and several Other Officers.

The Executive Officers of WCSA shall include:

  1. the President;
  2. the Vice-President; and
  3. the Junior Treasurer.

Other Officers of WCSA shall include:

  1. the Secretary;
  2. the two (2) Entertainments Officers;
  3. the two (2) External Officers;
  4. the Sports & Societies Officer;
  5. the Campaigns & Greens Officer; and
  6. the two (2) Welfare Officers.

6.    Election of Officers

Elections for all Officers of WCSA Committee shall be held annual in Week 5 of Michaelmas Term. The Returning Officer shall ordinarily be the WCSA Vice-President.

Only one person may be elected to each Office.

7.    Representatives and Internal Officers of WCSA

In order to distribute the functions of an Office and represent various interests in the College, each Officer of WCSA may, with the approval of the Committee, appoint up to two Representatives. Recruitment for representatives should be circulated widely within the College and open to any interested members.

For the delegation of responsibilities, The President may appoint or dismiss a number of Internal Officers, subject to a veto by the Committee.

Representatives shall attend all meetings of WCSA and participate in discussions but may not vote on resolutions.

8.    Senior Treasurer

The College Council shall appoint a member of the College Governing Body as Senior Treasurer of WCSA.

The Senior Treasurer shall assist WCSA Committee by ensuring good governance and due observance to the Constitution and Standing Orders. Moreover, the Senior Treasurer shall oversee the disbursement of the funds of WCSA in accordance with the decisions of WCSA Committee and assist the Junior Treasurer in the preparation of accurate intermediate and end-of-year accounts.

At the Senior Treasurer’s discretion, any matter of finance or governance may be referred to College Council.

9.    Committee Vacancies

Vacancies on WCSA Committee may arise from time to time. Such vacancies may arise following elections in which no candidate stands for election to any given position on WCSA Committee, when individual officers resign voluntarily, or when officers are recalled.

10. Co-Option of Officers

If, following a poll in which candidates for the Presidency and Junior Treasury and at least one other position have been elected, they shall be empowered to co-opt additional Officers for vacant positions according to rules of eligibility.

Any such co-option shall be minuted and publicised to the Membership.

The positions of co-opted Officers shall be confirmed by bye-election, the timing of which shall be determined in consultation with the Senior Treasurer.

11. Resignation of Officers

Individual Officers may resign at any point during their term of office. In the case that the President resigns, the WCSA Vice-President shall serve as acting President until a bye-election can be held to fill the position of President.

Following any resignation of an Officer, a bye-election shall be conducted within a period determined in consultation with the Senior Treasurer.

12. Recall of Officers

Individual Officers or the entirety of WCSA Committee may be recalled.

Recall of an officer or officers may occur at the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting. A recall motion must present an eligible alternative member of WCSA to any position or positions to which the recall motion applies. The resolution of a recall motion is effective immediately following the meeting at which such a resolution passes.

13. Zero Tolerance of Unlawful Speech

The WCSA Committee shall distribute no funds, nor procure any platforms, towards attendance or hosting of individuals, groups, or events which can be reasonably anticipated to engage in unlawful speech.

(explanatory notes)

14. Amendments

All amendments to the Constitution shall be subject to approval from the Senior Treasurer and must be approved by a majority vote of WCSA Committee. Once approved by WCSA Committee, proposed amendments shall be presented to the Membership of WCSA by online referendum, running for a period of not less than 48 hours. Proposed amendments must be approved by a majority of those voting. Finally, proposed amendments shall be presented to College Council for final approval.

Notwithstanding, amendments to the Constitution remedying clerical errors or which seek to enhance the clarity of the Constitution without altering its intent may be discussed with the Senior Treasurer directly and proposed directly to College Council for approval without requiring a referendum.