Founding a Club or Society2022-09-28T23:55:30+00:00

University is a great place to discover exciting new hobbies and passions, meet like-minded students, and explore new interests: clubs societies at Wolfson are a great way to do this! Though Wolfson is fortunate to have a diverse set of existing societies, it’s easy to start one as well.

Founding a new club society occurs in three stages:

  1. submission of required information in a formal proposal to the WCSA Sports and Societies officer;
  2. review and approval by WCSA committee; and
  3. if ratified, provision of seed funding (£100) and notification of constituted status.

During term time, this process should take no longer than one month from the submission of a formal proposal to review by WCSA committee. Outside of term time, this process may take somewhat longer.

WCSA reserves the right to refuse proposals which present a conflict of interest with the spirit of the College which is fundamentally based upon goodwill. Incomplete proposals will also be subject to rejection.

All proposed clubs/societies must fulfill a number of requirements:

  • Have clearly stated aims and objectives and provide for the democratic election of its officers
  • Provide membership to all interested Members and Associated Members of WCSA free-of-charge
  • Maintain the active support of a reasonable number of Members of WCSA
  • Ensure that the aims and objectives of the club or society are neither contrary to the Statutes or Ordinances of the College nor likely to be detrimental to the interests of the College or its Members

Proposal Format

Formal proposals for WCSA-affiliated clubs and societies must include all of the following:

  • a précis of up to 300 words detailing:
    • the name of the club or society;
    • its aims and objectives;
    • regulations relating to membership eligibility (ordinarily, all WCSA Members and Associate Members) and provisions for the democratic election of a Committee or Officers by a vote of the membership;
    • the responsibilities of such Officers; and
    • provisions and procedures for the presentation of accounts
  • an organizational chart which details the general structure of the club or society, including at least senior Officers (i.e. a President and a Vice-President) and its membership; and
  • a detailed, itemized budget for the fiscal year in which the club or society is founded (budgets run from January to December; more details are provided here)

It is optional but advantageous to also provide a list of WCSA Members (names and CRSids) who intend to join the proposed club or society.

An online application form is available here. Please remember to email  to inform of application and with an itemized budget proposal.