WCSA S&S Competition Grant2022-05-20T14:07:55+00:00

The aim of the WCSA Sports & Societies Competition Grant is to offer what limited financial support may be possible towards participation in regional, national, or international level competition. Students should look to all other available routes in the first instance (e.g. the Hawks’ Charitable Trust) as the support WCSA is able to offer is not likely to be substantial.

The WCSA Committee’s finances vary from year to year, sometimes taking on a sizeable balance of unspent funds from the previous year, other times having no carry-over balance and relying entirely on annual membership fee / College grant income. WCSA is therefore unable to commit to allocating a given amount each year towards a Competition Grant and will consider applications on a case-by-case basis within the context of a given year’s budget.

As our annual budget is extremely limited and must accommodate as a first priority WCSA’s central costs (Ents, Welfare, Howlers, sports and societies, gym upkeep, etc.), this Competition Grant is by necessity rather limited in scope.

We are not normally able to support:

  • Sports kit or team clothing (students may wish to look towards the College’s Sports Award)
  • Gym membership / personal trainers
  • Local level competition (i.e. competition that does not extend beyond Cambridge)
  • Team applications (it is not monetarily feasible for WCSA to support an entire team to compete)

Applicants must be current Wolfson students as well as active members of WCSA (i.e. have paid the annual WCSA membership fee).


Download the application form here.