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This page reflects details for the 2020-2021 academic year. A question mark (?) indicates that the team/society made no budget request for the 2020-2021 year and current contact details are unknown. In these instances, contact WCSA Sports & Societies () if you are interested in joining or restarting a team/society without current leadership.

We will attempt to update this list as societies transition leadership in the new 2021-2022 academic year.

Wolfson College is home to a number of sports clubs, activity groups, and cultural societies. Most clubs are run through WCSA with the exception of the Wolfson College Boat Club which is run directly through the college.

Sports Teams

Sport Contact Email Link
z Basketball ? Facebook
Boat Club
Bouldering An Tran
Cricket Aiden Woodcock Facebook
Men's Football Mike Yates Facebook
z Pool ?
Squash Lester Sandles Facebook
z Table Tennis ? Facebook
z Cross Country ?
z Cambridge University Breakdancing Club ?
z Wolfson Aikido Club ?
Rugby Charlie Clifford
Women's Football Lucy Green Facebook
z ChrEmBroke House Ultimate Frisbee ? Facebook
z Badminton ? Facebook

Affiliated Clubs and Societies

Society Contact Email Link
Aerobics Pilates Society WCSA Sports & Societies Website
Ballroom Dancing Dr. Susie Hoelgaard
Board Game Society Yeong Xin Wee Facebook
z Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ?
Wolfson Netball Society Tabitha Kusi-Yeboah
Irish Society Matthew O'Callaghan
z Cross Country Skiing Club ?
Wolfson Boxing/MMA Society Mohammed Ali
Green Society Zach Rauwald
Pole and Aerial Sports Club Dan Scott
z Wolfson Hughes Christian Union ? Facebook
Student Garden Millie Race
z Still Life and Gin ?
Sir David Williams Law Society Timothy Ng
z Ninjutsu ? Facebook
Wolfson Howler Dami Laoye
z Music Society ? Website
z Tea Society ?
z Feminist ? Facebook
Wolfson Latin Nights Ryan-Rhys Griffiths Facebook
z Wolfson Creative Writing Club ?
z Wolfson College Speakers Society ? Facebook
z Tiddlywinks Club ?
Snooker Society Ali Atun
Howling Rhymes Society Vidhya SK
Quiz Society Boyang Hou Facebook
z Wolfson Film Society ?
z Wolfson Plant Society ? Facebook
Wolfson Tango Society Angel Garcia Website
z Draw it Out – Wolfson Drawing Club ?

Unaffiliated Clubs and Societies

Society Contact Email
z Noodle (Conversation) Club ?