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Your Accommodation

Your Kitchen

If you live in College, your closest recycling point is your kitchen. There you will find a bin for combined recycling. This includes: paper – magazines – envelopes – all cardboard – phone books and catalogues – aerosols – clean foil – large tins (Biscuits/Cookies, Sweets, Coffee, etc.) – drink cans – food tins/cans – metal jar lids – all Tetra-Pak cartons – glass bottles and jars – all plastic bottles – plastic pots, tubs, and trays – Please rinse and remove most food and liquid from these items before recycling. Crush plastic bottles, tins, and cans with the crusher next to the bin.

Your Room

Every room should have a recycling bag. You can empty the bag in your kitchen, leave it outside your door, or leave it in your room to be emptied when your room is cleaned, totally up to you!

Communal Areas

Club Room

In the Club room you will find three large mixed-recycling bins and one large blue battery recycling bin, near the water fountain and the coffee machine, by the double doors to the cafeteria.

Lee Room

In the Lee Room you will find three large mixed-recycling bins.

Front Entrance

Bags are available for mobile phone and printer cartridges recycling at the porter’s desk; a paper recycling bin is also available near the pigeonholes.


The Cambridge Freecycle Network is a non-profit organisation that is open to anyone who wants to pass on useful items for reuse rather than throwing them away.


Main College Recycling Point

At the back of the college, near the back entrance (near Bredon House) is an area with 3 purple mixed-recycling wheelie bin, and a smaller bin for compost; only vegetable kitchen waste should be disposed of in this bin, no meat, dairy, or fat, as it attracts vermin. The main entrance is closed at night but is always accessible through a small gate opposite the laundry.

Behind H Block

Large blue wheelie bin for electronics recycling (computer equipment, speakers, calculators, phones, and other small appliances (e.g. alarm clocks)

British Heart Foundation

If you have any items to donate to charity, there is now a British Heart Foundation (BHF) charity collection point in the Wolfson College car park, in the corner near Chadwick House (and near a white skip). BHF welcomes donations of any of the following:
Clothes – Books – Shoes – Handbags – CDs/DVDs – Games – Toys – Homeware – Bric-a-brac