Budgeting and Reporting2020-12-09T11:00:35+00:00

WCSA’s budgeting ordinarily begins in December and is ratified by early January for a fiscal year running from December 1 to November 30. As subsidiaries under WCSA, clubs and societies also observe the same fiscal year.

All sports and societies seeking funding and/or continued WCSA affiliation must submit the following to both the WCSA Junior Treasurer and the WCSA Sports and Societies Officer by the first Friday of December:

    • a detail, itemized budget;
    • a list of all Officers or Committee Members of the club or society;
    • a membership list current as of the contemporaneous Michaelmas term; and
    • a short paragraph (up to 250 words) of all activities undertaken by the club or society for the benefit of its members during the past fiscal year

WCSA-affiliated clubs or societies who do not seek funding must still submit these required reporting documents. Clubs or societies failing to observe the budgeting and reporting requirements by the deadline shall be subject to probationary status for one year and, upon failure to to observe these requirements by the deadline in the subsequent year, shall be subject to the revocation of WCSA affiliation.

WCSA-affiliated clubs or societies seeking funding shall ordinarily be informed of their budgets by the second Friday in January. Notwithstanding these deadlines, newly constituted WCSA-affiliated clubs and societies shall receive no less than £100 following approval by WCSA Committee.

Funding which has been allocated for a particular club or society must be spent within the same fiscal year in which it is allocated. All unused funds as of November 30 shall be returned to general WCSA expenditures.

Non-affiliated clubs and societies will not receive funding from WCSA. The affiliation of any club or society can be revoked if, at any time, the Committee decides that any of the above conditions is no longer met.