Why be green?

We are very proud that environmental sustainability is very important for our College. We were ranked 2nd among all Colleges for all the efforts put in this area. Students are a significant proportion of Wolfson, so we need to be actively involved.

We are part of a world-leading institution that do care about the environment.

In the University, we carry out research on environmental issues, so as they say: “practice what you preach!”.

There are environmental, social and economic factors that should encourage us to minimise our impact.

Green behaviour is about reducing how much you use or buy (food, energy, clothes, electronics), reusing what you can, and then recycling. Start in your room and your kitchen, it’s very easy!

There are many opportunities for students to get involved in environmental projects, so explore our website and participate! make sure your experience in Cambridge is as green as possible!

We would love to hear from you about any queries, issues or ideas you have that will help Wolfson College attain its desired eco-friendly and sustainable environment. Please fill out this simple form here and let us know what you have in mind.