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2021 Freshers’ Week activities at Wolfson

We welcome all our new students coming to Wolfson this October. While the current situation makes in-person events difficult to arrange in a secure manner, the WCSA team is working hard to organize activities and events to make your college experience at Wolfson the best it can be.

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WCSA Freshers’ Guide

WCSA has prepared a very important document (A Freshers’ Guide) to help you make a smooth start at Wolfson. This document contains all you need to know about life at Wolfson and the vibrant student community we have. Few prints may be available to you on your arrival. However, here is an online version for your read ahead of your arrival.

Click here to download the Freshers’ Guide

Freshers’ Week activities and Michaelmas Term Card

We have prepared a term card containing details of every WCSA event that will be happening at Wolfson starting from October. While we normally endeavor to have events planned through December, and to have a static PDF version of the term card, the rapidly changing nature of our current situation has made this difficult in the current year. Instead, we have a dynamic, live term card with details of events and activities which is always kept up-to-date with the most recent information available:

Wolfson Societies Freshers’ Fair (Sunday 10 October 2021: 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.)

The best way to engage with College life at Wolfson is to either join societies or attend their events. This does not only give you a platform to network and interact with other college members but helps to ensure long-lasting relationship even after Cambridge through an enduring experience such association provides.

To get new students involved with the community, WCSA organises a Wolfson Societies/ Clubs Freshers’ Fair where all societies at Wolfson, be it student-led, WCSA-led or College-led, as well as other people involved in many other activities, introduces new students to the myriads of events they could be interested with as well as what is on around College.

Attending this event exposes you to a huge amount of opportunities to maximise your time at Cambridge and Wolfson throughout your stay. Make sure you do not miss this one time opportunity. The details of the Freshers’ Fair is contained in the electronic calendar and will take place as follows;

Date: Sunday 10 October 2021

Time: 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Venue: Sundial Garden

Sexual Consent Workshops

During Freshers’ week, we will be holding mandatory sexual consent workshops. The workshops are mandatory in order to matriculate as a student at Wolfson College, and therefore, at the University of Cambridge. We will cross-check student lists to ensure that all new students have attended. Details of the workshops are outlined below;

  • Each consent workshop will be 1 hour long, with roughly 30 people in each.
  • They are not intended to be stressful or strict. We are merely trying to facilitate conversations about what constitutes sexual consent and sexual harassment, in hope that it will allow Wolfson to be a welcoming, safe and happy environment for everyone!
  • Each workshop will be led by two current students (of different genders where possible)
  • There will be twelve 1-hour workshops (potentially more if needed). The College expects all new students to attend – see the table below for the choice of workshop. You must sign up using the google spreadsheet.
  • The google spreadsheet is available here
  • Sign up to one workshop, using the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Make sure to attend the workshop which you signed up for because we have a targeted maximum capacity in each! Make sure to go to the correct session which you signed up for!

If anyone has any concerns please email . For serious concerns, please contact Susan Larsen, Senior Tutor, at .

Anti-Racism Workshops

We are committed to support anti-racism and this year we will be running anti-racism workshops for the first time! This is a great way to educate yourself around topics such allyship and institutional racism.

  • Sign up for a workshop using this link
  • Each workshop will be hosted online via zoom (available in the sign-up document).
  • Sessions last 45 minutes with a maximum of 30 people in each workshop.
  • They are not intended to be stressful or strict.
  • We are merely trying to facilitate conversations about what is racism and allyship, in the hope that it will allow Wolfson to be a welcoming, safe and happy environment for everyone!

If anyone has any concerns please email the WCSA BAME Representative () or our Welfare Officer ().