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Vending Machines

We have three vending machines located in the J block corridor to the west of the Club Room, one each for snacks, sandwiches, and beverages.


Lee Room

If the Club Room is the primary social space of the College, the Lee Room is the main secondary social space. It is located up the stairs in the Jack King building (in front of the Porter’s Lodge, next to the Sundial Garden). This room has couches, chairs, a TV, snooker table, digital piano, board games, and more.


WCSA Spray Station

WCSA (with the help of the Domestic Bursar and the Clerk of Works) has gotten a Spray Station installed at the back of College so that you can hose down your bike, muddy shoes, or friend who tells too many Dad Jokes.
It is located in the bins / loading bay area between Bredon House and the laundry rooms. Most of the time, you can enter through the large front gates. The gates are sometimes closed (maybe at night?), but you should still be able to get in via the pedestrian walkway around the back. (images below to help guide you)
Quick usage notes:
  • Please be gentle. It should be fairly durable, but we like to keep our nice things in good condition.
  • The hose can automatically reel itself in. A short tug (a few centimeters) will retract the hose. Just help it along as it winds itself up (this will keep the handle from getting banged up).
  • If you pull a longer length (more than a few centimeters), the hose will lock itself at that length for your convenience while using it.
  • The spray nozzle has a number of different settings. Simply rotate the dial on the head to choose a different pattern (e.g. jet, flat, cone, etc.).
  • The water pressure can be adjusted from the screw on the back of the handle. Tighten the screw for higher pressure, loosen for lower pressure.
  • Consider spraying over the drains in the center of the loading area to keep things tidy.
  • If there’s no water, make sure the tap on the wall is turned on.
  • Get in touch with WCSA if there are any problems.


Bike Service Area

There is a small enclosure for servicing bikes (spanners, hex keys, tire pumps) on the northwest end of campus at the corner of the service road behind R and S block.


Tennis/Basketball Court

The tennis / basketball court is located behind the Lee Hall as shown in the image below. The court is bookable via the Porters Lodge (in person or by calling 01223 335900) between 10am – 10pm, up to 3 days in advance. The basketball hoop on the far side of the court is not to be used after 6pm due to its proximity to our neighbours (it’s quite noisy).


Secondary Gardens

In addition to the main garden/green spaces that many students know about (e.g. the Sundial Garden, East/West Courts, Betty Wu Lee Garden), there are also a number of lesser-known gardens which are open to all students, shown in the image below.

These include the green spaces between the Family Flats and Fuchs House (large area south of the Chancellor’s Centre), the green spaces surrounding Morrison and Williams Houses, the gardens behind Norton and Barton Houses (south of the library), and the gardens behind Chadwick House.


Small TV Room

The small TV room is a cozy space for 3-6 people to watch TV or a movie. The room is open until midnight, and can be booked through the porters (either ahead of time or at whim). The room is located in Bredon House, across the hall from the Old Combination Room (OCR), next to the restrooms. You will need to retrieve the key from the porters.


Baggage Storage

The baggage store is located in the basement of W block, by the bell, and is accessible by a lift. The baggage store can only be used by students who are onsite residents (i.e. live in Wolfson College accommodation). The baggage store is normally open Monday – Friday 11.30am – 12.00pm, with additional days at the start and end of each term. A baggage store attendant will be available during open hours to facilitate deposit or collection of items. Each student can store 3 items (space permitting) which must be of the following dimension and weight 60cm x 60cm x 90cm @ 20kg.


Necessities Cupboard

The Necessities Cupboard is located in the KSJ and is stocked with a number of basic necessities which you may find yourself in need of without wanting to make an entire trip to the shops (sanitary / sexual health items, toothbrushes, deodorant, etc.). More details are available on the necessities cupboard page.