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What is the WCSA Necessities Cupboard?

The WCSA Necessities Cupboard contains as a stock of “essential” items such as washing liquid, batteries, and deodorant that may be purchased. It is runs on an honor system where WCSA trusts those who take an item to pay for it immediately. If WCSA finds that this is not the case, then we will discontinue the WCSA Necessities Cupboard :(.

Additionally, the cupboard is supplied with a number of free sanitary products for anyone who needs them.

How do I gain access to the Necessities Cupboard?

To gain access to the Necessities Cupboard, you must first sign out the “KSJ Necessities Cupboard” Key from the Porters’ Lodge. The Necessities Cupboard (formerly in the Lee Room) is now located in the Karen Spärck Jones Room next to the Club Room, beside the coffee machine as indicated in the picture below.

What items are currently stocked in the cupboard and how much do they cost?

Click here to see the items that were last stocked in the cupboard.

How do I purchase an item?

All items must be purchased by card (contactless and debit) or Apple/Android Pay via the SumUp app which is running on the tablet that you will find inside the cupboard. Please do not unplug or remove the tablet or card reader from the cupboard. Please watch the following video which explains how to pay using the SumUp app:

What do I do if I take the last item?

Please e-mail with the name of the item so that WCSA can reorder it. If you don’t, then then item will not be restocked.

What do I do if the item I want to purchase is no longer available?

Please e-mail with the name of the item that is missing.

What do I do if the tablet isn’t working or for some other reason cannot make a payment?

Please e-mail with a description of the issue you are having.

Is WCSA making a profit from the sales?

All items are charged at the price WCSA purchases them at times 1.0169 (the SumUp transaction fee). If the result of this calculation is less than £1, we round it up to £1 (the minimum transaction value that SumUp will accept).