The Wolfson College Students’ Association (WCSA) is Wolfson College’s combined Junior Combination Room (JCR) and Middle Combination Room (MCR). We fulfill three main roles:

  • We represent Wolfson students on various College committees and in dealings with the College. Three members of WCSA (the President, the Vice President and the Junior Treasurer) are members ex officio of the College Council, which is the executive committee of the Governing Body. We also have representation on a number of other College Committees as outlined here.
  • We organise, provide, and facilitate events on behalf of Wolfson students and support student sports teams and societies. As an umbrella organization for all Wolfson student organizations, WCSA receives a modest portion of each student’s College Fee which is used to support various student activities.
  • We offer support and advice to students in need. Members of our committee are happy to take time to offer advice and, when appropriate, can refer to assistance at the College and University. We also aim to advocate for your needs so please get in touch if you see something that can be improved to support College life.

Position Officeholder Email
President Benjamin Remez
Vice President Kenneth Okwor
Junior Treasurer Dan Sowood
Secretary Dan Scott
Entertainment Officers Scott Dunleavy
and Lashanti Jupp
Green Officer Charlie Barty-King
Sports & Societies Officer Angus Peters
External Officers Mathilde Foged-Jensen & An Tran
Welfare Officer Wayne Weaver
Internal Officers Andrew Brooke (Alumni & Dev.)
Ruben Nijk (Alumni & Dev.)
Corrado Mazzaglia (Music)
Charlie Barty-King (Buildings and Estate)
Joseph Peprah Yiadom (Buildings and Estate)

Punt Admiral Aurel-T Babin
Rear Admiral Vacant contact Punt Admiral
BAME Representative* Leanne Gayle
LGBT+ Representative* Cora Morris
Disabilities Representative* Hannah Twinberrow
Women's Representative* Katie-Alice Constant
Part-Time Student Representative* Wayne Weaver
International* Andrea Kocsis

*Representatives are appointed by WCSA Committee on the recommendation of the Welfare Officer and serve to represent various minorities within the College. If you want to contact any of the rep positions that are vacant, please email our Welfare Officer, Wayne on