Reimbursements and Payments2018-01-07T16:44:40+00:00
Reimbursements and payments for WCSA-affiliated clubs and societies are processed by the WCSA Junior Treasurer and then through the College Finance Office.
Submitting Reimbursements
For all purchases on behalf of your society, retain all original receipts. For online purchases, an emailed payment confirmation is sufficient.
Complete the required reimbursement form here.
Missing Documentation
For all instances of missing documentation, please report this to the Junior Treasurer immediately. In some cases, the Junior Treasurer may authorize reimbursement in the absence of official documentation provided a memorandum from the WCSA Committee authorizes the reimbursement. Please note that missing documentation will likely delay reimbursement.
Large Purchasing
Whenever possible, for large purchases through an external vendor, the College requests that societies ask for an invoice from the external vendor to be paid directly through the College Finance Office, rather than through an individual. In these cases, please obtain an invoice for goods/services and submit it to the Junior Treasurer as you would any other reimbursement.
Record-Keeping and Monthly Reconciliation
All societies are responsible for tracking expenses for which they are responsible. WCSA accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis. You may request from the Junior Treasurer the most recent WCSA monthly reconciliation to ensure that your records are accurate.
Timeliness of Reimbursements
Please note that reimbursement paperwork is submitted generally 2-3 times per week. Once paperwork is submitted to the College Finance Office, BACS transfers typically take between 1-3 business days to process while cheques may take up to 10 business days. For this reason, BACS transfers are the preferred method of reimbursement. The College Finance Office is only open during business days (i.e. not weekends).
Please contact  if you have any questions.