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Candidates for Election to WCSA Committee

Voting will open at 12:00pm on 2 November 2017 and close at 12:00pm on 4 November 2017. WCSA elections are conducted online by secret ballot using the single transferable vote (STV) system. For all positions, the option of “re-open nominations” (RON) will be available.

To vote, log in with your Raven ID here: https://www.vote.cusu.cam.ac.uk/wolfson-jcr/17-18/wcsa.


Devarshi Lodhia

I’m not going to offer you any false promises like a cash machine or free taxi services from nights out. Instead I promise I’ll be a voice for all students at college.

Cambridge is my third university but Wolfson is the only place I’ve truly considered home and that’s why I want to give back to college. What I can promise is that I’ll help to improve student welfare and increase transparency on the part of WCSA, so you know exactly wha’s happening and why. I’m college LGBT+ rep and I run the Wolfson Howler, helping to put the college on the map and promote diversity around college. I’ve also played for the college football team (although that ended in rather inglorious circumstance).

Brian Robertson

My name is Brian and I have been at Wolfson for 3 years now and have loved every minute of it! I was President of the Wolfson June Event 2017 – college’s biggest event – a demanding job requiring a year-long commitment. I have proven that I can deliver results for Wolfson: our guests gave us an average score of over 4/5 stars and 94.7% said that they would recommend their friends to attend in 2018. Running the June Event, I:
▪ managed a committee of 17 Wolfson students (WCSA currently has 13).
▪ raised and managed a budget of £53,000 (WCSA’s 2017 expenditure was £39,996).
▪ have pre-established working relationships with key college officials, such as the Domestic Bursar, with whom I would have to negotiate as WCSA president.
▪ have already represented our interests at College Council and House meetings (where WCSA proposals are formally approved).

Additional information here.

Vice President

 Ibrahim Mohammed (Ibz Mo)

Hello everyone, Ibrahim Mohammed (Ibz Mo) here to tell you why you should vote for me as Vice President and Brian as President.

I will….
– Ensure our events are organized & well PROMOTED, so EVERYONE knows what the hell is going on & where.
– Encourage more WCSA initiated societies to enhance our college community, e.g. providing merchandise, equipment and fight for MORE space at the GYM!!
– Host ANOTHER round of fresher events for those who have missed out or joining Wolfson later in the year.
– Have Bi Weekly Updates (via videos & email) to keep EVERYONE UPDATED with WCSA & Wolfson.
– Work with staff to promote the college online to enhance our reputation, sponsorships & accessibility!
– Continuously reach out to students to get feedback on how WCSA and Wolfson can meet your needs!
For more read my full manifesto here…

Junior Treasurer

Jack Sharp

Hi Wolfpack,

I think the most important characteristic I can communicate to you is trustworthiness. I know that’s easy for me to say and yet difficult to prove. Hopefully, a quick run through of my relevant experience will be enough to convince you I’m worth listening to.

For two years before I came to Cambridge, I worked for the NHS. One of my main responsibilities in this role was dealing with the company payroll. As many staff (including doctors, nurses and paramedics) were employed through outside agencies, I was required to keep track of hours worked, breaks and holidays taken as well as sickness, for over 100 employees. I’m happy to say I’ve never had any complaints, and I believe that’s because I take the job seriously, and check everything twice to make sure it’s right.

I want to bring the same level of dedication to WCSA. I want to play a key role in making sure your money is well spent, and that you’re happy with how it’s being used.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing everyone at Hustings,



Daniil Baryshnikov

Good day Wolfsonians,

My name is Dan and I’m running for secretary.


No one else elected themselves before the night of the elections.

How am I qualified?

I am getting pretty rapid at writing my essays these days (why computer science, just why) as such I am in a position to keep you well informed.

As well as keeping detailed notes of the meeting minutes of WCSA through the analytical skills gained from the degree.

Previous Experience:

I wrote a weekly newsletter for 2 years as part of a Tech Society in my previous university to around 1000 people.

I like to talk and I like to inform, as such I think I could do a decent job at this role.

Fun fact for those that read all this way, pineapples do not grow on trees. Its true.

Thank you,

Another Cambridge Student

Entertainments Officer

Charlie Barty-King

My name is Charlie. I’ve been at Wolfson since Oct 2016 and thought I’d apply for Entertainments Officer this year cause why the hell not. The role seems pretty jokes and it means I get to meet more of you lovely people sooo… here you are reading this.

The link below (you don’t need an account) will take you to my manifesto. Please give it a read and drop me a vote if you’d like :).


If for some reason you can’t access the link feel free to email me at chb50@cam.ac.uk and I’ll send it over to you.

I hope you all are good and good luck with the rest of this term!

Green & Campaigns Officer

Ben Fraser

Hi all, my name is Ben and I’m looking to scoot my way into become your Campaigns & Green Officer. I was the keenest composter last year as well as being on the Green Impact Committee for the college, where the college got a green gold award! This year I really want to focus on developing the momentum we have in making Wolfson a more sustainable college, but also focus on how we can engage more in our local community and support local campaigns.

Green aims:
• Roll out more compost bins and biodegradable bags for them
• Take the fight to the light epidemic
• Work on reducing food waste, through a community fridge
• Host sustainability focused events
o Green documentaries
o Green week
o Green formal hall
• Have a mean green bean machine of meat free Mondays in the dining

Campaign aims:
• Select a college charity to fundraise for
o Make charitable donating more of a part of Wolfson events
• Support a mental health campaign
• Provide opportunities for Wolfson volunteering
• Work on making the college more accessible

Vote me for a college that is not just for us but for our Wolf sons, daughters and local community as well!

Sports & Societies Officer

Gunther Klobe

I really think it’s great how many opportunities we have to pursue our favourite pastimes right here on our beloved college campus. The example I know best is myself: I have represented Wolfson in the table tennis college league, the pool billiard college league, and on the river (WCBC). I can’t wait for my first game on the Wolfson Basketball team this term and my newly found favourite Sunday activity is to drink tea with the Wolfson Tea Society. Being CUAC College Captain for Wolfson, I am also proud to announce that we did very well at the Athletics Autumn Cuppers this year, finishing 6th (m) and 11th (f).
You don’t have to get as crazy as me (your supervisor will approve), but the point is: There is no shortage of diversion!
As WCSA Sports & Societies Officer I would like to make sure it stays that way.

External Officer

Casey Darnel

• Involved heavily in last year’s formal swaps under the direction of Sebastian Wrobel. (attended every single swap and have identified areas for improvement regarding college wide participation).
• Experienced in liaising with other colleges to organise swaps and events.
• Heavily involved in university wide social scenes together with WCSA sponsored events.

Bringing to the role
• I am extremely keen to change the image of Wolfson for the better.
• Keen to give as many people as possible the chance to experience life at other colleges.
• I want to improve cooperation between societies of other colleges (sport and societies social events).

Equality & Diversity Officer

No candidate standing for election.